Act 3 Post

Act 3 contains the deaths of Tybalt and Mercutio. We also learn that Romeo is banished instead of executed, and this, of course, is harder on the two young lovers than death. In the voice of your character, please write a post entitled “Act 3: Advice” in which you offer advice to one of the young characters in the play. Remember, if you are Mercutio or Tybalt, you will be speaking from beyond the grave. Romeo and Juliet may offer advice in the form of self-reflection and grapple with the happenings in their head.. The catch… (ahh, there’s the rub) you must parallel the language of Shakespeare! Here are a few words to aid you in your writing:

anon—right now, OR “I come right away”……. “Anon, good nurse!  Speak!”


art—are, OR skill……“Thou art  dead; no physician’s art can save you.”


dost or doth—does or do……“Dost thou know the time?”


ere—before……“We must leave ere daybreak.”


fain—gladly……“I fain would bake Mr. Love cookies if I could get an A.”


fie—an exclamation of dismay or disgust……“You cheated?  Fie upon it!” OR “Fie!  Are you mad?”


hark—listen……. “Hark to the owl,” OR “Hark!  The herald angels sing!”


hence—away…..“Get thee hence, beggar!”  OR “We must hence before the army arrives.”


hie—hurry……“Hie thee hence, or lose your life!”


hither—here…..“Come hither, young lad.”


thither—there……“Look to the east—thither doth the sun arise.”


hath—has……… “He hath killed many a man.” OR “He hath a horse.”


ho—hey (roughly equivalent). “Lucius, ho!”  [Brutus calling his servant] 


mark—pay attention to…….. “Mark my words.”


marry—indeed……“He says I should respond quickly; marry, I want to.”


pray/prithee—a polite way of asking something……“I prithee answer the question.”


saucy—cheeky; sassy……“Hence, thou saucy boy!”


sirrah—a term of address used for inferiors……“Sirrah, bring the letter over here.”


thee—you……“When will I see thee next?”


thou—you……“Thou art a villain.”


thy—your……“Thy name is more hateful than thy face.”


whence—from where…….. “Whence came that news?” OR “Return to whence you came.”


wherefore—why……“Wherefore dost thou leave?”  OR “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” [As in, “why can’t you be someone else, whom my family doesn’t hate?”]


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Act 2 Post Character Perspective

Act 2 contains the famous balcony scene where Romeo and Juliet profess their love and decide to marry. Friar Lawrence and the nurse are also brought into the plan of the secret wedding which proves detrimental at the end of the play. In the voice of your character, please react/reflect on Act 2. How would you react if you knew what was going on?, or if you are included in the plan, what are your thoughts on this hasty marriage?

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Act 1 Post

Romeo and Juliet meet at the Capulet Ball. Do you believe their encounter is believable? Why or why not?

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Assignment #1

You must create a blog and label is as follows: character/period  (Juliet Period 5)

Choose a theme that is appealing to you and fitting to the assignment.

Once the blog is created, write your “About” page (or post if it is a blogger) based off of your character. Use the one I created for Shakespeare as a guide. You must also embed a picture depicting your character.

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While reading Romeo and Juliet, you will be assigned a character in which to view the play from. As your assigned character, you will create a blog which will serve two purposes. First, you will let the other members of our class know about your character. Second, you will write posts answering questions/prompts posed in class or on this page. The blog will serve as a community connecting the classes together. I will also expect interaction between you and the other members of our community (even if they are from the opposing family).

Finally, our blogs will all be connected on a google document that will be shared with all of you. This will allow you accessiblity at any time you feel so moved!

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